The leading online render farm

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The leading online render farm

Post  alicesong on Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:31 pm

As one of the most leading remote render farm around the world, Fox Renderfarm, which is based on cloud-computing technology, has more than 2000 servers. We provide clients with 24/7 rendering service which can be accessed via Internet globally. Features:
1. 24/7 service provided
2. Submit files online and real-time preview
3. Intelligently recognize 3D software and versions of render engine
4. Auto-detect lost textures and cache files
5. Auto-reset path for cache files
6. Auto-analyze setting of scene files
7. Auto-load plug-in according to the needs of scene file
8. Auto-calculate render time and cost
9. Real-time notification of finished tasks via Email
10. Rendered image can be downloaded automatically by using our tools


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