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air jordan shoes shillings

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1. namely, a hundred tiffany necklaces air jordan shoes shillings in Nike shoes outlet two distinct dioceses, or in Nike shox outlet several peculiars within the fame province then the Cheap MK handbags will must be proved before the metropolitan, monster beats by dre by jordan shoes outlet tiffany and co outlet way of special Air max outlet prerogative (e whence the court where the validity of Air max outlet such wills Oakley tiffany enga ray ban outlet gement rings Sunglasses Outlet is tried, Michael kors outlet online and the office where they are registered, are called the ray ban 2012 Nike shoes outlet ray ban outlet prerogative court, and the Nike outlet online prerog Michael kors outlet ative office, of the Oakley Sunglasses Online provinces of Canterbury, air yeezy 2 for sale and York (f). So if there are bona notabilia Nike outlet online in those cheap jordan shoes several provinces, the archbishops mail in each of them grant probate according to the tiffany jewelry outlet bona notabilia in louis v air jordan 2013 uitton shoes their respective provinces. Each of them has supreme jurisdiction, and neither can act within the christian louboutin pumps province of the others). If there are Air jordan Michael kors outlet store outlet bona notabilia in different tiffan ray ban 2013 y outlet dioceses of one province, and in one diocese Discount Oakley Sunglasses only Nike outlet tiffany and co outlet store of the other, in respect to the former, the archbishop Jhall have the probate, in respect to the latter the particular bishop So if the testator, not in itinere, die in ray ban sunglasses outlet one Michael kors handbags diocese, not having any goods there, but having Nike outlet store bona christian louboutin outlet notabilia in Cheap christian tiffany & co outlet louboutin Cheap michael kors handbags another diocese, Air yeezy for sale the cheap jordans shoes archbishop shall grant the probate (').

So if the goods be in several ray ban Jordan Shoes For Sale sunglasses outlet peculiars of a bishop's diocele, in that cafe probate shall not be granted Air Yeezy 2 ray ban sunglasses cheap by him, but by the metropolitan, inasmuch as peculiars are exempt from ordinary jurisdiction (k). But where the testator dies possessed of goods in the diocese of an archbifliop, and in a peculiar of the same diocese, there mult be monster beats outlet several probates the ar ray ban sunglasses sale chbishop shall have no jordans for sale prerogative, because the peculiar was derived out of his episcopal jurisdiction ('). By the canon Cheap michael kors bags 92 Jac. 1. above referred to, goods which a man has with him, who Christian Louboutin Shoes dies Cheap jordan shoes outlet in itinere, (beats by dre studio hall not make cheap christian louboutin tiffany jewelry outlet monster headphones shoes bona notabilia (m) cheap ray bans but if a man have two houses in different dioceses, and resides chiefly at tiffany engagement rings one, but sometimes Monster Beats goes to the tiffany necklaces other, and being there Oakley Sunglasses Store for a day or two, dies, leaving no bona notabilia Cheap michael kors cheap ray bans purses in the first mentioned house, Air jordan outlet probate shall kanye west shoes be granted by the bishop of the diocese in tiffany & co outlet which the testator died, for ray ban sunglasses sale he was commorant Nike shox outlet there, and not there as a traveller('). And leases for years where the land lies, no where the lease is merely found (f). Debts on recognizances, statutes, or judgments sh ray ban sunglasses cheap all be b ona notabilia where they were acknowledged, or Air Yeezy shoes Oakley Outlet given s). And by statute 4 5 Ann. c. 1?. 26. salary, wages, or pay due to persons tiffany outlet for work in any of her majesty's yards or Wholesale sunglasses docks, shall not be taken or deemed to be bona notabilia, whereby to found the jurisdiction of the prerogative courts.


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