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Post  globlegoo on Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:06 am

And thus the coward calls the brave man foolhardy, and the foolhardy man calls him a coward and, with (36.) regard to all the other virtues and vices, a similar tiffany outlet rule holdsgood. Virtue, then, and Cheap michael kors handbags vice are thus mutually Cheap MK handbags opposed to one another. Air jordan outlet But still air Oakley Sunglasses Store yeezy 2 for sale the extremes are more opposed to each ray ban sunglasses outlet other than they Cheap christian tiffany & co outlet louboutin are to the mean, for they are further removed from one Michael kors outlet another Air Yeezy shoes than they are from the mean exactly as the big differs more Oakley Outlet from the little, and the Wholesale sunglasses little from the big, tiffany and co outlet than tiffany engagement rings does either from Discount Oakley Sunglasses that which is ray ban outlet louis vuitton shoes exactly equal. tiffany necklaces And in some cases, again, the one extreme is more like the mean than is the other. Foolhardiness, fo r example, is more Hke valour than Michael kors outlet store is cowardice, and prodigality is more like liberality monster beats by dre than is stinginess. Thus, then, it is the two extremes that are the most Nike outlet store unlike each other and, inasmuch as the definition of Air Michael kors handbags jordan outlet contraries is " all such things as are furthest removed from one another," it follows that the further christian louboutin outlet things be Christian Louboutin Shoes removed from one another the more contrary will they be. And, again, in some cases the defect, and in others the ray ban sunglasses sale excess, is the more opposed to the mean.

To bravery, for example, it Nike outlet online is not so much foolhardiness, its excess, ray ban 2012 that is opposed, as cowardice, its defect and to temperance it is not so much asceticism, its Nike shoes outlet defect, that is opposed, as debauchery, its excess. And there are two reasons christian louboutin pumps why this happens, one of which lies in the very nature of the matter itself. For, in beats by dre Cheap michael kors purses studio that monster beats outlet the one Oakley Sunglasses Outlet extreme is nearer to, and so more like the mean than is the other, we oppose to the mean, as its contrary, not so much this ext reme as the kanye west shoes other. Since, for example, Air yeezy for sale foolhardiness is more like courage, and is nearer to it than is tiffany outlet cowardice, it is cowardice rather than foolhardiness that we contrast with courage. For that extreme which is the more removed from the mean would seem to be the more opposed to Nike Cheap michael kors bags shox outlet it.

This, then, is one cause, dependent upon the tiffany and co outlet very Air max outlet nature of the Nike outlet store matter itself, while there is tiffany & co outlet another which depends upon ourselves. For cheap ray bans that extreme tiffany necklaces towards which Air Yeezy 2 we are of our own natures prone to drift Air max outlet would seem to be more opposed to the mean than is the other. Inasmuch as, for tiffany engagement rings example, tiffany jewelry outlet we are of our own nature prone to . pleasure, we drift towards intemperance rather than towards a Spartan life. ) And, as we say that that extreme towards which runs our bent is the more opposed to the mean than is the other, we therefore hold tiffany jewelry outlet that Nike Monster Beats shox outlet intemperance, the cheap christian louboutin shoes excess, is more Nike shoes outlet Michael kors outlet online opposed to temperance Oakley Sunglasses Online than is asceticism. ). ray ban sunglasses cheap monster headphones And now we have sufficiently shown that moral virtue is a mean, and how, and that it is a Nike outlet online mean (37.


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