So You Would Like To Join?

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So You Would Like To Join?

Post  oxez on Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:25 am

Regiius is a rifles only clan for call of duty united offensive. It basically came about by a group of old players from 1.41 just wanting to get scrims and have fun on 1.51. We are currently an invite only clan but you can let us know you are interested. Just fill information in about yourself found below and post it.

A mic isn't vital but it does help in scrims, etc. Also if when we come to agree who is to join we will either being allowing them to trial in our clan, which involves a 2 week period where we see how you get on.

Game Name:
Real Name:
TS & Mic: Yes/No
How Active are you: Hardly/Generally/Regularly/No Life


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