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Let Oakley Outlet us, after this, inquire what is the genus of virtue. Now, since Nike shox outlet there are monster beats outlet but three possible kinds of mental states or conditions, to wit tiffany outlet emotions, capabilities, and Nike shox outlet habits, one of these three classes must be the tiffany and co outlet christian louboutin outlet genus of Oakley Sunglasses Outlet virtue. As Cheap MK handbags instances of emotions Oakley Sunglasses Online may be named lust, anger, fear, pride tiffany outlet of Air Yeezy shoes strength, envy, (29 ) delight, affection, hatred, longing, emulation, pity, or in a word any immediate state of mind ray ban 2012 followed by a tiffany & co outlet pleasure or by a pain while a capability or faculty is that in virtue of which we are said to cheap christian louboutin shoes ray ban outlet be capable of such or such an emotion, tiffany engagement rings as of Michael kors outlet anger for instance, or of pain, or of pity and Cheap michael kors purses a ray ban sunglasses sale habit is that in virtue of which we stand Air Yeezy 2 in a certain relation towards Air yeezy for sale our tiffany necklaces emotions for good or for bad our relation to anger, P for example, being bad, monster headphones if we feel anger Cheap michael kors bags either too f violently or over slightly, but Nike shoes outlet good if we feel it in A moderation.

And so, too, is it with all Oakley Sunglasses Store the other emotions. Now neither the virtues nor the vices are emotions. For with reference to our emotions we are air yeezy 2 for sale not called Nike outlet online good or bad, as w tiffany & co outlet e are with f Air max outlet reference to our virtues Michael kors handbags and our vices. And, again, with reference to our emotions no praise or blame is ever given to us. A man, for example, is never praised for being afraid, or ray ban sunglasses cheap for cheap ray bans being angry nor is a man blamed for simply feeling anger, but tiffany engagement rings for the tiffany necklaces manner in which Air max outlet monster beats by dre he feels it. But with reference to our virtues and our vices we are praised and blamed. Moreover, tiffany and co outlet neither anger nor fear springs Nike outlet store from purpose, whereas the Nike outlet store virtues, if not to be absolutely identified with purpose, most tiffany ray ban sunglasses outlet jewelry outlet certainly involve such purpose, and imply it. And, again, with reference to the emotions we sayhat a man is thus or thus affected, but with reference to the virtues and the vices we do not talk of his affection, but of his disposition.

Hence, Air jordan outlet too, it follows that the virtues and the tiffany jewelry outlet vices are not mere capabilities. For we Christian Louboutin Shoes are not said to be good or bad, nor are we praised or christian louboutin pumps blamed, in that we are Nike outlet online simply capable of feeling such or such an emotion. And, moreover, our capabilities are Nike shoes outlet either innate or i connate, which Michael kors outlet store our virtues and our vices are louis vuitton shoes not, as we have said before. So that, s ince the virtues are neither emotions, nor capabilities, it remains that they must be habits. '. Thus, then, Cheap christian louboutin we have Cheap michael kors handbags ascertained what is the genus of Discount Oakley Sunglasses virtue. It remains to determine its differentia, and to say wherein it can be beats Michael kors outlet online by dre studio distinguished from other habits. Air jordan outlet We must premise that every excellence or virtue perfects that thing of which it is the virtue, and kanye west Monster Beats shoes causes it to perform Wholesale sunglasses its function well.


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