branches of Air max outlet philosophy

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branches of Air max outlet philosophy

Post  globlegoo on Sat May 11, 2013 1:32 am

indiscriminately to all concrete goods whatever for that of such there are two distinct kinds, firstly, those that are sought and are held air yeezy 2 for sale precious for their own Nike outlet store sake, and, secondly, those that produce, tiffany engagement rings or in some way tend to Nike shoes outlet preserve these tiffany necklaces former, or to counteract their kanye west Oakley Sunglasses Outlet shoes contraries and that these latter are called good in only a secondary sense, as being means to the former. ' Now it Air jordan outlet is clear that this double division of concrete goods, namely, into ends and into means, is justifiable let us then consider, quite apart from all means, those goods that are christian louboutin pumps ends in themselves, and see if these Air Yeezy shoes can be embraced in Air yeezy for sale any one generic conception. Now what are these goods that tiffany and co outlet are ends in themselves ? Are they all the several ultimate and Wholesale sunglasses independent objects of human pursuit, such as reason, and sight, Nike shox outlet and certain kinds of pleasures and of honours all of which are undeniably ends in themselves, although, perhaps, capable of being pursued as means ? Or is there no such good at all save and except Oakley Sunglasses Online the one Nike shox outlet absolute good itself ? In this latter monster headphones case we shall have framed an abstract universal without any concrete intent.

In the former case we ought to be able beats by dre studio to show of all such goods that one and the same account can be given of their goodness, as can of the Nike outlet store whiteness in snow and in ceruse. But of honour, and of reason, and of pleasure, entirely distinct and different accounts must Cheap christian louboutin be given, even in sofar as each of them is a good. And so the goodness of these goods " cannot be brought under any one generic conception. Why, then, is it that they are all called good ? For it hardly seems to be a case of accidental equivocation. Is it cheap christian louboutin shoes that they all monster beats by dre have one common origin, or that they all tend to one and the same Air jordan outlet end ? Or is it not, rather that they all stand in an analogous Discount Oakley Sunglasses relation to Nike shoes outlet v tiffany outlet their various objects much as the relation of sight to the body is Nike outlet online analogous to the relation of Air max outlet reason to the soul, and to certain other relations between various objects ? .

And here, perhaps, we had best close christian louboutin outlet these questions about good in the abstract (an accurateinvestigation of which is louis Oakley Sunglasses Store vuitton shoes the province of Oakley Outlet other branches of Air max outlet philosophy rather than the present), and with monster beats outlet them all questions concerning the one Monster Beats absolute and transcendental gocd. For, even if there were Nike outlet online some one such Christian Louboutin Shoes unity of all tiffany jewelry outlet good, either essentially predicable of all possible concrete goods, or transcendent and separable from them, it is clear that man tiffany & co outlet could not make it the end of his action, or in any way gain possession of it whereas the good of which Air Yeezy 2 we are in quest must be of this nature.


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